Support our purchasing department with the selection and procurement of products. The purchasing assistant’s responsibilities include maintaining positive vendor relations, preparing retail and pricing strategies, placing and tracking purchase orders, managing inventory and keeping track of market trends.

*Writing, placing, and tracking purchase orders.
*Ensuring products are purchased at the right time, to specification and at a good price.
*Negotiating with vendors and building positive, long-term relationships.
*Researching new suppliers and making recommendations to the buyer.
*Preparing competitive retail and pricing strategies.
*Planning, monitoring, and maintaining suitable inventory levels.
*Preparing budgets and forecasting purchasing trends.
*Compiling reports on product performance and statistics.

*Bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, or a related career.
*Specific commercial certification such as CPP, CPPB or CPPO (desirable).
Advanced English level.
*Extensive experience negotiating contracts with suppliers and manufacturers.
*Knowledge of preparing purchase orders and inventory reports for management.
*Experience in managing management team to ensure that all deliveries meet assigned orders.
*Ability to solve problems in the supply chain.
*Ease of developing an efficient and accurate system for tracking purchase orders.
*Excellent Microsoft Office skills, especially Excel.
*Service attitude.
*Improvement attitude.

*WFH available. (Availability to receive training a few days on site if required by operational necessity)
*Have (or be able to get) internet with a minimum speed of 10MB download and 2MB upload.
*Schedule: 7:00a.m.-5:00p.m. (Monday to Friday)
*Insurance for Medical Expenses.
*Solidarity Association.

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