Solar Design Engineer

The Solar Engineer designs and develop solar systems that turn energy into electricity reducing the dependency on gas and oil, creating design systems that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing building a sustainable future.

•Create preliminary solar designs for initial customer presentations using Aurora.
•Review design layouts to find and resolve problems involving compatibility with basic design concept.
•Prepare energy models and conceptual design deliverables in support of business development and new product/vendor integration.
•Analyze costs and benefits of proposed designs or projects.
•Determine design criteria or specifications.
•Update customer proposals in Excel with relevant system design information.
•Review and analyze test data, field performance data, and prepare necessary report.
•Review site analysis reports; Adjust and finalize system designs.
•Participate in commercial job budget meetings.
•Calculate needed size and lengths of needed BOS.
•Review specifications and recommend engineering changes to achieve solar design objectives.
•Perform other duties as assigned.

BASIC QUALIFICATIONS & SKILLS 2 to 4 years of experience in related fields. Advanced English level. Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Solar Design. Strong proficiency in Microsoft Office, CAD and Aurora Software design. Knowledge of mechanical, electrical, manufacturing or product design engineering. Proficient in computer-aided design software. Constructing and testing prototypes and designs. Mathematical and technical skills. Understanding of the parameters of the design requests Must understand local climates and thermodynamics. Analytical thinking and ability to conduct detailed analysis. Creative and ingenuity to find solutions to design problems. Service attitude. Improve attitude. Responsibility. Communication. Leadership. Decision making. Strategic thinking. Conflict resolution.

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