We are

Blue Marlin


To be an organization that through its human talent in combination with technological tools, produces professional quality service solutions to the needs of customers.


To be an organization with the highest level of human talent that constantly generates value proposals and innovative ideas that favor lasting relationships with our clients.



We are committed to developing a deep understanding of the client´s needs, we continuously adapt and work to achieve the best result.

Good service attitude

We know that a key to productivity and retention is a pleasant and genuine culture and workplace environment. Every day we put our expertise and knowledge to work, striving to achieve that for the benefit of our customers.


We believe that communication is the key to every direction, that is why we are always open to talking any time.

Blue Marlin’s local experts

Take care of all

Blue Marlin’s local experts take care of all the pre-employment screening, human resources needs, payroll and benefits administration, so you can focus on managing your teams’ productivity, output and service quality.

We guarantee adherence to country and region-specific requirements, including payments in local currency and tax compliance always delivered on time. Blue Marlin’s co-employment partnership allows you to focus on what makes you best in class with only one invoice per month to process.

Our top-tier

Including two options

Of private medical insurance and staff association attract top talent. Brilliant people everywhere can become an impactful team contributor for your company with our flexible work-from-home and local office options.

Partner with Blue Marlin to succeed

in sourcing top global talent

At lower costs while removing the typical administrative headaches of remote teams.

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