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We use technology to select qualified employees who offer customized solutions to satisfy every client´s needs. Thereby, reducing costs, delivering higher profits, achieving greater customer satisfaction and long-lasting client relationships. Reliability and open communication are prioritized when handling client relations. Blue Marlin only looks for the best and most prepared employees that go through a thorough series of interviews before being selected. We are committed to finding the perfect fit for the role.


Back-office duties are essential for any business to run correctly; they focus on day-to-day administrative operations which is crucial to enable the front-office personnel to perform their duties.


Assistance in equipment setup and maintenance, installation, and configuration, in both software and hardware allows a business to correctly monitor performance. IT support is vital to any business since it avoids risks and lowers downtime leading to equipment failure and lost time.

Software Support

On-demand matters when dealing with specific technical services and issues such as a remote troubleshooting and needs to be handled quickly and effectively by a software support specialist with BMNS. A professional will be able to assist with remote troubleshooting, installation, usability and other technical issues that may arise.


Nearshore outsourcing means reaching out to nearby countries to select the perfect employees who can adapt to the needs of the client and form the perfect team. This opens the doors of the world and provides many more options to find that perfect employee. Finding the best employee talent for top-tier companies, is how we strive to benefit our clients.

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